About Us

             3 Star Come Inside business in 2003 as an Indoor and Outdoor Publicity Company, Our Company is an AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Today is one of the leading Out of Home (OOH) Media organizations in Surat and is spreading its footprint rapidly across the Gujarat. When you need an advertising medium that's cost- effective and long lasting, When you want to reach easily to your Customers to Publish Your Product Please Contact us. Our array of services Flax Board, Backlight Sign Board, Steel/Acrylic /LED Latter,  Hoarding , Oneway Vision, Transfer Stickers, Rickshaw Banner, Bus Panels, Mobile sign truck, kiosks, Traffic Booth, Gantry, Vinyl and TV Advertising spread across the length and breadth of  Surat  will help you run targeted campaigns in customer populated areas, And all a fraction of cost it takes to make your presence felt in newspapers .
             After successfully promulgating the effectiveness of Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising and providing various novel communication solution to clients 3 Star continues to offer a plethora a of futuristic services and solutions that work wonders assuring multi cultural and ethnic Outdoor Advertising campaigns that engage audiences and achieve impact, for every creative need, idea and budget.Over the past nine years, we have grown immensely and recognized as a foremost service provider in this mode of operation because of our persistent hard work, commitment and sincerity, Carrying these principles forward since our inception, today we are planning to extend our business to other parts of Gujarat.